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Carlos Moreno

Ajan or “Ajarn” is a title used in the Combat sport of Muay Thai. It means “Master” (A higher level of instructor) and is a much revered and respected position in the traditions of Muay Thai. The term “Kru” is teacher. Carlos Moreno has earned his title of Ajarn in both the art and the sport of Muay Thai. Arjan Carlos Moreno has trained amateur and professional Muay Thai and MMA champions from central to northern California and currently in his North Texan home base. He began Muay Thai training in 1993 and joined the Cheetah Muay Thai Academy in 1996. He continued studying his art by living and training at the International Muay Thai School in Bangkok, Thailand where He earned the title of Kru in 1999, he was the 7th American to Recieve this prestiguous title from that school. He founded the American Muay Thai Association in 1996 with the goal of spreading Muay Thai to the community and uniting U.S. Muay Thai teachers. In 2009 he received a recognition award for his dedication to quality instruction and commitment to his students.

In June of 2011, he achieved Arjan, the master level for dedication to instruction and ability to teach Muay Thai by Master Cheetah. Arjan Carlos is the youngest American ever to earn master level under and is the official Midwest representative for Master Cheetah and the Cheetah Muay Thai Academy.

Voted Muay Thai coach of the year – 2014. Head of the American Muay Thai association.

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