SOUL FIGHTERS Martial Arts Training Center Reviews

We love Siam Star, Tomer is a great instructor. He has helped both my boys to develop self confidence and and a sense of discipline. The facility is always clean and all the kids have a great time. There is a good balance of instruction and fun. We couldn't be happier with our choice to send our boys here.

This place is excellent, it feels like family. I have been going here for a few months now and I gotta admit, I was nervous at first and didnt know how I would feel but the people here make you feel right at home. The friendliest and most caring staff you could ask for. Tomer is truly a great leader and it has become easy to make friends here. I have been wanting to train Muay Thai for a while and I finally did it and couldnt be happier. If you are thinking about Muay Thai or BJJ training this place is where you should be... Don't miss out!!!

Daniel Gensollen

I had about 5 years of experience with Muay Thai when I moved to Texas for a job. During my first year my work schedule kept me from working out. During my yearly physical, my doctor noted that my blood pressure was a bit high and I was losing muscle mass (I was 44), so I joined Siam Star here in Allen. I thought I was going to die the first month from the workouts, though I eventually got back into shape. After a year my blood pressure has dropped and I'm in great shape. I would recommend the Jujitsu and Muay Thai classes to anyone. They are hard but you get in great shape and learn valuable skills.

Michael Adamson

This place is awesome! You want to train stand up fighting? You're covered. You want to work on your ground game? No problem. Top ranked instructors who are dedicated to your development. Great gym culture and people that are there to help push right along side you.

Joshua Maberry

I was previously training BJJ at another gym in the area, but due to my schedule, I was only able to attend a couple of day classes a week. After 6 months of this arrangement, I decided I needed to find a gym closer to home with hopefully more class options.

I knew about Siam Star because I go the Kroger nearby regularly. As I started to look for a gym, I noticed that Siam Star was a Soul Fighters BJJ gym. I was familiar with Soul Fighters after seeing results of the 2013 IBJJF World's, where Soul Fighters founder Augusto Mendes won his division.

I dropped into a Friday afternoon class to observe and met Professor Bruno Mendes and gym owner Tomer Litvin. To my surprise, there were 4 black belts training that afternoon. After speaking to Tomer for much of the session, he and I agreed to terms for a year of training with Professor Mendes.

vI started training the following week, and it was been a great experience since. The classes are very structured and include conditioning, high level techniques and rolling. All of the folks that train at Siam Star/Soul Fighters are friendly, helpful and encouraging. The gym is always super clean and the best part is that when my schedule allows, I can train up to 5 times a week in gi!


I would highly recommend Siam Star/Soul Fighters to anyone looking to start training BJJ or anyone looking for a new place to train at.

Patrick C

I have been a member of this gym for over a year now. I wanted a gym that had a legit BJJ coach that gave promotions based on displayed skills on the mat. Bruno Mendes is what one may call "old school". He expects his students to show up to class because he is making martial artists not members. I love the depth of knowledge he provides. When Bruno is not available due to his commitments to teach at seminars or help students in tournaments his stand-in Tony Trammell is outstanding. Tony is a great addition to the BJJ team and helps me grow tremendously.

The Muay Thai is great too. You have three different style of coaches that will help your striking to reach the next level. There is not a person that smiles more than coach Arjan Carlos Moreno because he loves what he does. He walks the class and provides needed adjustments on the spot. Tomer Litvin taught me how you don't need another person to spar with to get better. His technique training really slows down what my focus should be on and helps skills sink into the memory bank. Angelo Guardia is third guy that provides the boxing breakdown that completes the package. His attention to detail on head movement and ring control is the type of knowledge that will make every student better.

On a side note, I read posts about $300 cancellation and not an MMA class. Real quick, Tomer does not hide the $300 cancellation fee. Do not misunderstand, he does want to make you into a martial artist but at the same time he is running a business that feeds everyone that works at this gym. Also if you don't like the training, Tomer has specials that let you try class for certain periods of time without any commitment. For me it was 30 days. If I couldn't decide if I wanted to be a part of a gym in 30 days, really I am not good at making decisions. Hope that helps for people to understand.

Rich Hill

I love going to Siam Star! Sometimes as a woman it can be intimidating walking into a martial arts gym, that has never been the case at Siam Star. Tomer made me feel comfortable from day one and has always matched me up with someone to spar with at the same level as me. I also like his hours, my schedule changes often but he has a great variety of class times available. I highly recommend checking him and his gym out!

Awesome place to bring ur kiddos, friendly environment & feels like family. Highly recommend it.

Eva Soto

Great place, top BJJ (Carlos Muchado) instructor Roman Kilgore. Experienced black/brown belts in every class, like a private lesson when you roll. Place is spotless and the owner is very cool guy, Tomer Litvin. Don't be shy, come get your roll on!

Nik Metzinger

My son has been doing kids Bjj for almost two years here. We train under Bruno Tank Mendes and the results have been outstanding. He made my child feel like a champion and he started winning gold medals. Bruno teaches with all his heart and truly loves his students. He provides the best physical and mental conditioning anyone can ask for. He has helped my son Michael with self esteem, discipline, and a positive feeling every time he comes there. Yes he is a tough instructor but if you want the best teacher for your children, look no further. We are proud to wear the Soul Fighters patch and to be a part of the Soul Fighters family. I would give this place 10 stars if I could!

Anne G

Recently moved my son to this academy. It simply doesn't get better than this when it comes to quality of instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. The recent addition of Carlos Moreno to teach alongside Bruno "Tank" Mendes and Tomer Litvin has created the top academy in North Texas.

My son has trained Muay Thai under Carlos Moreno for a long time as we have known him to be one of, if not the top Muay Thai instructor in the area. However, my son now gets to couple his Muay Thai training with BJJ training at its best. Although, the training is intense, he absolutely loves training under Coach Bruno. Also, the kids in the program are great. They are friendly, humble, and extremely skilled. What I have noticed and appreciate is that Bruno seems to truly care about every kid in the program and treats everyone like family.

I highly recommend this academy to anyone seeking the best training in BJJ and Muay Thai.

David R

This place is excellent, it feels like family. I have been going here for a few months now and I gotta admit, I was nervous at first and didnt know how I would feel but the people here make you feel right at home. The friendliest and most caring staff you could ask for. Tomer is truly a great leader and it has become easy to make friends here. I have been wanting to train Muay Thai for a while and I finally did it and couldnt be happier. If you are thinking about Muay Thai or BJJ training this place is where you should be... Don't miss out!!!

Daniel Gensollen

My family and I have spent many, many nights training at Siam Star. Arjan Carlos Moreno brings years of technique and expertise to his Muay Thai classes. He is a patient instructor who treats everyone with respect and compassion. However, he will challenge you to be better. The owner, Tomer Litvin, also teaches Muay Thai. He brings a positive energy and fun to his classes. Bruno 'Tank' Mendez, the BJJ professor, is a ball of positive energy and skillful tactics that any grappler would desire to add to their Arsenal.

You train with all levels there. Everyone is so supportive and patient. Everyone encourages and helps you to improve constantly. The gym environment is so positive other coaches from all over visit to guest teach or hold seminars. There is so much to be learned at this gym.

If you have ever considered martial arts, on any level, this would be an amazing place to sharpen your skills.

Misti Nalls

My 3 year old seems to love it. Im very happy with the instructor. He has patients and does anything to try to get my son to do what he needs to do. I sure will keep taking him there.

Felisa Hernandez

Tomer is a knowledgeable and patient instructor whose experience shows. This gym has a great location, great equipment, and great people.

Mike B

I've been wanting to do Muay Thai for years now. I went to several different places and this place was the one that stood out. Tomar the owner and head Muay Thai trainer is very nice and makes everyone feel welcome. I've trained with a few of the other trainers as well and they are also awesome. Everyone tries to make you better, there is no ego BS at this gym. Now off to ice my ankle :)

Chris Landrum

Great instructors. Very disciple with kids. My son loves it

Christina Smith

This is an amazing group of coaches. The best group in the DFW Area. Go try a class out you will not be disappointed. Family environment but make no mistake this is a team of champions!

Carlos Moreno

I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu here. Professor Bruno "TANK" Mendes is absolutely one of the very best Professors in the world and we are so fortunate to have him in Allen. If you have kids, there is no better teacher around. The results speak for themselves. I would recommend this school to anyone that expects the best.

Ralph Rodriguez

The best in the business when it comes to mixed martial arts. This place is hands down top notch. I would recommend Siam Star to everyone from novice to master. My four year old just started and absolutely loves training BJJ. Siam Star comes highly recommended. I want to give a special shout out to Arjan Carlos Moreno for introducing Muay Thai to me and my family without you I wouldn't know anything about it sir. Siam Star has by far the best coaching staff Arjan Carlos Moreno, Tomer Litvin, Bruno Tank Mendes and many others that I didn't mention. So don't hesitate and come at least see if it is a good fit for you.

Charles Melton

Ever since I started training, the coaches have been supportive and have helped reach my full potential as a person and an athlete! Best gym in the area!

Stephen Shnayderman

What to say about Siam Star MMA? There's a ton! The MMA/Muay Thai and boxing programs are legit, but to the amazing coaches Angelo Guardia and Arjan Carlos Moreno, these are the best striking coaches in the state, heck I'd stand to say the country! I only get the best from both coaches everytime. Angelo Guardia handles the boxing and without him i wouldnt have been a champion during my career. He will teach you the best defense and hands ready to knock someone out in the business. Arjan Carlos Moreno will help you kick someone down like your chopping a tree and punish anyone with deadly precision who tries to come at you. Im blessed with the best two striking coaches possible. and the are under the same roof at Siam Star MMA.

Alyssa Conway

I've been training at this gym for just over a year now and it is by far the best gym I've ever been apart of! The coaches are excellent and extremely knowledgeable and truly love what they do and it shows in the classes and gym atmosphere. It's a great time with great people and becomes a home away from home. Come join the family and get second-to-none training! No matter what your reason for coming to train, you'll know you found the right place when you come here!

Colin Nix

Great people, great environment!! If you're looking for a place to start to do martial arts, that's the place. The coaches are very capable and professional!! If you are in the area don't lose the opportunity to learn from the best!!

Leonardo Delgado

I train BJJ here with Roman Kilgore. If you think you're interested come by for an introductory lesson. That's what I did over a year ago and I've learned a ton. The owner and Muay Thai instructor (Tomer Litvin) trains BJJ with us also.

Anthony Darity

If you are looking for a well rounded mixed martial arts facility to train at Siam Star is the place to go.

Charles Melton

Great school if you want MMA training. Coach Tomer likes to keep the place REALLY clean. For Muay Thai, the training is similiar to training in Thailand. It consists of pad work, technique, conditioning drills, and sparring. What I really liked about this coach compared to others is his emphasis on technique and defense like keeping your hands up and counters. He's also friendly and stresses light sparring for beginners. If beginners spar too hard he will correct them.

Awesome class. Top rate Muay Thai and BJJ instruction. You get a great work out and learn how to truly defend yourself.

Michael Adamson

Siam Star is an excellent gym. Tomer; the instructor and owner is a great instructor; one of the best ive met. He has competed in amateur Muay Thai, is a purple belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and I believe he is a krav maga instructor. He also has military experience. Put simply, he knows his stuff. He organizes and holds sparring competitions at his gym frequently. If youre looking to start MMA or BJJ or Muay Thai this is a great place to go. Tomer will help as best as he can and he will give you his 100% each time.You will also meet many helpful and friendly people who will push you to get better each class. You will easily be able to find training partners and classes based on your experience level. The gym is very clean too.

Top notch BJJ instruction and instructors

Jason Spruill

Bruno is the best BJJ instructor in town. He has given my son confidence. He really cares, loves the kids and teaches from his heart. Can't recommend highly enough!!

Anne Gueta

Siam Star is a great place to go for Mixed Martial Arts training, regardless of your skill level. Classes are offered for both kids and adults. Tomer (the instructor) has an impressive knack for keeping the kiddos motivated and focused during the kids' Jui-Jitsu classes. During the adult Muay Thai classes, he makes it a point to coach each student individually to make sure they are learning how to do the moves correctly. Tomer also tries his best to pair up students of equal skill levels for sparring sessions so if you are a newbie, you will not feel intimidated by sparring with a more experienced student. The gym itself is very clean and organized.

Ever since I started training, the coaches have been supportive and have helped reach my full potential as a person and an athlete! Best gym in the area!

Stephen Shnayderman

Siam Star is an amzing gym to train boxing, muay thai, jiu-jitsu, and MMA. It is perfect for people of all skill levels, ages, and fitness levels. Coach Tomer Litvin is a fantastic instructor who is friendly and personable with all his clients. Because Siam Star is a smaller gym, students can be sure they will receive lots of one on one coaching and instruction. The regulars are Siam Star are also very welcoming and are willing to help anyone who asks.

To be the best you have to be trained by the best. Come and see for yourself

Arjan Moreno

The best BJJ school in Dallas area. If you want learn high level jiu jitsu, you should go there and train with the best BJJ Master who has taught many world champions. Friendly ambience , and awesome classes. I highly recomend Soul Figthers BJJ School and classes with Master Tank.

Vinicius de Pavia

Great place to train. Instructors are very personable and willing to help you improve. :)

Tam Minh Pham

The instructors and students are all very friendly and helpful! Thank you guys!

Michael Wright

Tank is the best teacher to learn!! Thank you for all!!

Igor Paiva

Great class!!! Awesome instructor definitely going to keep going

Matt Beddow

World class BJJ ! Family environment with hard training. Who could ask for anything more? #SOULFIGHTERS.

Brandon Gill

The jujitsu class was excellent. The advanced Muay Thai and sparring was even better!!!

Rab Gahlinger

Best BJJ classes here in Dallas area.

Alan Cota

Muay Thai wore me out good today. I'm already sore. Good times.

Troy Coonradt

Best BJJ instructor in the area.

Todd Hall

Great BJJ program!

Fabrice Deyber

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